Our Artisans

We have great partnerships with fantastic craft artisans across Leicestershire and The Midlands. Have a read through their profiles to find out more about them and what they do:


The Recycling Queen

Jane is the queen of recycling and upcycling from Leicestershire and can be found spending her weekend mornings looking round local car boots for her latest treasure.

Give Jane an empty wine or spirits bottle, and she will provide you with the most beautiful handmade decoupaged lumière for that perfect gift.

Jane can create a lumière for any occasion and her Christmas ones are particularly popular. Jane can also turn an ordinary plain box into a positive treasure trove with some beautiful painting and decoupage.

Jane has recently had a new roof fitted at home – that’s nice you say, but as always with Jane, recycling was at the forefront of her mind and she has used the old slate tiles to create some fabulous hanging slate signs – again all hand printed and hand decoupaged.

As well as keeping a shelf stocked at Dotty’s, Jane will also take custom requests for all of her items and can source decoupage for pretty much any subject.


The Potting Maestro

Amy was the first atisan stocked at Dotty’s when she appeared at the door, the day before opening. Amy spoke to Dotty’s cousin, who said she should approach me to see about stocking her Leicestershire pottery (which make beautiful gifts) and two and a half years later – here we are still in a fabulous partnership.

Amy’s early pottery at Dotty’s was all hand turned, now she uses a pottery wheel, but the same love and care still goes into each handcrafted item. At weekends and days off from her day job at a local nursery school, Amy can be found in her conservatory, which has been transformed into a pottery studio with wheel, kiln and bags of clay.

Amy has a wonderful imagination when it comes to creating her pottery pieces and creates some magically coloured handmade mugs, bowls, vases and jugs.

Amy also makes seasonal gifts for Easter, Christmas, Mothers Day and Fathers Day. Her gifts for new born babies proved especially popular since creating these pottery booties laced with real ribbon.

Children love Amy’s pottery as well, especially her Christmas tree decorations which include Santa’s, snowmen, Christmas trees and baubles.


The Stonemason

Give Megan a stone and she will provide you with a hand painted piece of art. Megan is an amazing artist from Warwickshire, who can draw and paint just about anything customers throw at her. I have never known her turn down a commission for fail to provide!

Megan has recently converted a shed in her garden into a work studio; her husbands handy work, although she says he only did it to get all her crafts off the dining table!

Megan’s gifts for teachers are always really popular especially her coasters for ‘star teachers’ and ‘No 1 teaching assistants’.

Her latest idea of story stones is the perfect present for anyone who is interested in the environment or worried about the amount of throw away plastic toys. There are 10-15 stones in each pack, perfect for keeping a child happy for hours, telling stories about spaces or the sea.

At weekends, you will find Megan and her family in a wood, park or the countryside exploring nature and seeking inspiration for her next project.cra


The Picture Pebbler

Kate is another Leicestershire crafter, who you can give a handful of stones to and she will give you back the most amazing pebble picture.

Whether it a family tree or a dog being walked, nature is the prime focus of Kate’s work using pebbles, leaves, wood and feathers for many of her creations.

I am. not sure where Kate finds the time to do these amazing works of art, with working, studying for a degree and a family to look after she is truly amazing.

Kate also creates the most fabulous button pictures, again whether it is a family picture or a moon created out of buttons, they are all truly fabulous and ideal as quirky handmade birthday gifts. Kate takes commission order for both her button and pebble pictures.


The Glassy Girl

During the day, Ellie can be found looking after 2-5 year old at a local Northamptonshire preschool, but at the weekends and during the school holidays, she can be found sat by a hot kiln creating the most amazing glass craft out of fused glass. From coasters, to keyrings to handcrafted jewellery, give Ellie a piece of glass and she will make you a beautiful gift in return.

As well as selling in Dotty’s, Ellie can be found most weekends at local events across the Midlands, promoting her business and selling her handcrafted creations.

Earlier in 2019, Ellie was awarded the Creative Enterprise Award by Nottingham University, where she is part a group of young business entrepreneurs, who are learning about developing their businesses to make them successful and have longevity.


The Cornwall Candler

Like Jane, Gemma loves recycling and will search charity shops across Leicestershire for bits she can use on her beautiful cotton rope creations.

Gemma makes handcrafted bags, bowls, coasters anything she can from cotton rope. She also makes her own homemade candles using inspiration from her favourite part of the country – Cornwall. Gemma also sells these perfect gifts via a shop on the coast in Cornwall as well as at Dotty’s here in Leicestershire.

The last time Gemma came into the shop, she was just about to have two new additions to her family – chickens! (which I also own) So we can be found swapping chicken antics during her visits to the gift shop!


The Card Creator

Jane is the newest stockist at Dotty’s, having recently moved to Lutterworth from Ascot. Jane joins Dotty as a card maker, this was always a role I had at Dotty’s and how I started crafting. By having Jane as a card maker as well, has meant I can focus on the business and the personalisation side – which I love!

Jane’s handmade cards are just exquisite! Some of them feature hand-stitched pictures, finely cut paper craft and cross stitch pictures, which look just amazing and make the cards truly unique. All her products are finished to the highest standard and the perfect match to a unique gift for a birthday, christening or other celebration.

Jane can create cards for all occasions and will happily take commissions if you are looking for something specific.